Burnhamville Township August 27, 2020


The regular meeting of the Town Board of Burnhamville was held August 27, 2020 at the Burtrum Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Mike Berscheit. Members present include Supervisors: Bruce Johnson, Mike Berscheit; Clerk Shirley Hulinsky and Treasurer Pam Throener. Sup. Joe Muellner was absent. Dale Ehrenberg and Erv Herdering were also present.
The minutes from the regular meeting of July 28, 2020 were approved as presented on a motion by Sup. Johnson and was seconded by Sup. Berscheit. Motion passed. For correspondence the township received letters about planning and zoning, and CARES funding.
A motion was made by Sup. Berscheit to pay all bills numbered 5953 through 5970: Rev. $2,041.24; R & B $23,882.20; Fire $27.49. Sup. Johnson seconded the motion. Motion passed.
A resident was present to ask for better road grading on Duckweed Drive. Also received a request for more grading on the south side of Emerald Drive. Contractor will check into it.
The clerk gave a primary election update with 69 voters coming and no issues with new routines.
The board heard an update from the Swanville Rural Fire Association meeting with no changes. We discussed the rescue squad needs for donating CARES Funding to.
The party requesting a cartway hearing came to an agreement with the neighbor before the hearing was held, so no hearing before tonight’s meeting.
There are two CARES Funding Grants available. Sup. Berscheit made a motion to apply for the election grant with Shirley Hulinsky as the authorized representative. Sup. Johnson seconded the motion. Motion passed. Sup. Berscheit made a motion to apply for the CARES Grant MN. Sup. Johnson seconded the motion. Motion passed. The clerk will send in the forms. Supervisors will contact some construction companies to ask about hall improvements.
In the weed inspection update there is one area where the owner is not making an effort to control noxious weeds. County personnel suggested waiting until next year then the township will cut weeds and put on the owners taxes.
In the road report Dunlin Road washout area got resprayed for dust control. Contractor will keep working on the grading and the inspection list.
Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $78,433.10. Sup. Berscheit motioned to approve and Sup. Johnson seconded motion. Motion passed.
A motion was made by Sup. Berscheit to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Sup. Johnson. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m. Next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 7 pm in the Burtrum Community Center.
Shirley Hulinsky, Burnhamville Township Clerk