Hometown News Print Classified Ad Submission Page

You can submit your personal or business classified ads via this page.There is a convenience handling fee associated with submitting ads online and paying via credit card. You can submit ads via email Click Here (personal are free under 20 words) or via mail (for business ads or over 20 words) with a check payment at the base rates outlined on the classified ad form located in the paper.

To submit online, select the appropriate word length, then click ‘buy now’ and you will directed to Paypal. Once you log in or enter your information in Paypal, you will see your name and address and a “Enter Your Ad HERE ==>” “add” link below your name and address and that is BEFORE you click pay. Enter your ad in that pop up box and complete the purchase of your ad.

NOTE: This is set up via our second newspaper (Disc Jockey News) for the time being while we set up the official Hometown News Paypal account.

Personal Classified Ad Submission Payment Link:

Personal Ad Word Count

Business Classified Ad Submission Payment Link:

Business Ad Word Count