Hometown News Website Templates

You can manage your whole website right from your computer and browser without any additional software! We can help you set up your website with one of these flexible templates to give your site the look and feel you want. Each theme can be purchased from StudioPress individually for $99. Or, it is included for free with your Hometown News web hosting package!

AgentPress Theme


AgentPress helps industry savvy real estate agents like you build better a better business with its intuitive design, powerful functionality and listings.

eleven40 Theme


Designed to wow your audience at first glance, the eleven40 theme gives you unprecedented spaciousness to show off your best content.

Generate Theme


Generate aims all the power and flexibility of Genesis at your most important asset. It’s designed to elegantly lead your site traffic to one action – join the email list.

Lifestyle Theme


Stylish online publishing has never been so easy than with the bright, magazine-style frame and amazing flexibility of the Lifestyle theme.

Associate Theme


Give your prospects and customers the precise first impression you want them to have with the Associate theme.

Balance Theme


The evenly weighted, minimalist and mobile responsive design of the Balance theme gives you the best of form and function.

Magazine Theme


Put yourself on the front lines of online publishing with the up-to-the-minute, high-gloss look and feel of the Magazine theme.

News Theme


When you have readers and customers who are always hungry for more, deliver it in style with the publishing powerhouse News theme.

Agency Theme


Represent your professional services with confidence and clarity by harnessing the professionalism of the Agency theme.

Amped Theme


Amped was built to spotlight your latest video, showcase your music and the show dates you need to promote.

Backcountry Theme


Show your outdoor expertise with the breathtaking clarity and expansive layout of the Backcountry Child Theme.

Bee Crafty Theme

Bee Crafty

Bee Crafty displays your wonders to the world. Snap in your own header, stitch together a beautiful photo showcase or draw up a wonderful blog.

Blissful Theme


Make your wedding planning and announcement a dream come true with the Blissful theme.

Corporate Theme


The Corporate theme works to help you build your business with a rock-solid framework and the quality assurance that all organizations need.

Crystal Theme


The professional portfolio framework of the Crystal theme focuses the spotlight directly on the image you want to project.

Delicious Theme


Effortlessly capture their imaginations with the innovative simplicity and appealing textures of Delicious theme.

Education Theme


Your institution has a great deal of information to convey in a short period of time. Text, audio, video, curricula, and more.

Enterprise Theme


Take the initiative for your business venture or services with the ingenuity and approachable design of the Enterprise theme.

Executive Theme


Executive is designed with the understanding that your most important projects needs to be front and center, strategically and expertly displayed.

Expose Theme


When you come in from the field, you want to effortlessly create a stunning display of your photographic work.

Fabric Theme


The Fabric theme provides a rich, authentic and fresh foundation to weave all of your content through.

Family Tree Theme

Family Tree

Family Tree is a safe and imaginative home for your family’s unforgettable moments.

Focus Theme


The Focus Theme was built to bring your words, pictures and videos into sharp relief.

Freelance Theme


Freelance places a strong, professional face on your business, so you can get back to work.

Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

Just want the Genesis framework without a child theme included?

Going Green Theme

Going Green

Going Green is the clean and stable platform you can tell the world from. Make a difference with your website.

Landscape Theme


Landscape is sophisticated and invisible enough to reveal the beauty in your pictures.

Lexicon Theme


You might be a journalist striking out on your own. Maybe you’re going to create the next big celeb blog.

Luscious Theme


The tasteful design of Luscious theme gives your brightest content the attention it deserves with professional, attractive layouts.

Manhattan Theme


You’re going to make a big statement with the dramatic framing and high-styled portfolio of the Manhattan child theme.

Metric Theme


Metric delivers a warm new media professionalism to your online customers.

Midnight Theme


Be bold and give your content and message center stage with the sophistication and dark, stylish look of Midnight theme.

Minimum Theme


A stunning execution of “less is more”, the Minimum child theme expresses everything you’re about, with very little effort.

Mocha Theme


Mocha is the perfect theme for fashion, music, and style blogs… or anyone who craves stylish design.

Nitrous Theme


The Nitrous theme drives your content to your audience, and then kicks it into high gear.

Outreach Theme


Outreach gives you the framework you want, so you can give your people the message they need.

Pixel Happy Theme

Pixel Happy

Your talents and services deserve to be seen and shared with the bright, modern frame and portfolio style of Pixel Happy theme.

Platinum Theme


Let the modern Platinum theme take the back seat while you take the stage. It’s your time to shine.

Pretty Young Thing Theme

Pretty Young Thing

Pretty Young Thing can capture the essence of your experience and reflect it back to your world.

Prose Theme


With Prose, you can easily change things about the appearance of your site (like colors and fonts) without knowing anything about code.

Scribble Theme


Scribble combines the classic and the hand-made, to provide a unique template for your photos, text, and video.

Serenity Theme


Serenity’s stress free experience will wow your readers and customers with its inviting, magazine-style layouts and clean colors.

Sleek Theme


Get your geek on with Sleek, bring your brilliance to the world.

Social Eyes Theme

Social Eyes

Social Eyes is an elegant and easy way to assemble a stunning home for all of your social media world.

Streamline Theme


Streamline throws light on your work, letting you get back to what’s important. Focus on the things that really matter.

Tapestry Theme


Tapestry takes everything you make online, and makes perfect, beautiful sense of it.

Venture Theme


Venture is as stylish and bold as you are, ready to show the world what you’re made of.