Burnhamville Township • November 30, 2021


The regular meeting of the Town Board of Burnhamville was held November 30, 2021 at the Burtrum Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Mike Berscheit. Members present include Supervisors: Bruce Johnson, Mike Berscheit, Joe Muellner; Clerk Shirley Hulinsky; and Treasurer Pam Throener. Erv Herdering was also present.
The minutes from the regular meeting of October 26, 2021 were approved as presented on a motion by Sup. Johnson and second by Sup. Muellner. Motion passed.
For correspondence the township received notices of a Planning and Zoning hearing, information on Mons Lake and Bass Lake Accesses improvements, additional APRA check received, weed control grant offer, county weed inspection form, ARPA funding project ideas and a request for information to take over another private road.
A motion was made by Sup. Muellner to pay all bills numbered 6170 through 6179: Rev. $592.23; R& B $7,827.43. Sup. Berscheit seconded the motion. Motion passed.
The clerk will look into ARPA funding expenses including computers for the board and check into other funding.
Sup. Berscheit made a motion to approve Resolution #2021-02 Designating Township Polling Place as the Burtrum Community Center, as required by Minnesota State Statute. Sup. Johnson seconded the motion. Motion passed. Resolution is on file in the clerk’s office.
The county notified the townships of a state grant for weed control projects. The board would like to apply to get sprayer and equipment to control specific areas of noxious weeds that keep appearing. The deadline is December 4 and clerk will apply.
In the road report the contractor completed 321st Ave and Ermine projects. He will work on cleaning up roads before freeze up.
Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $69,454.84. Sup. Berscheit motioned to approve and Sup. Muellner seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Board was informed that the Swanville Rural Fire Association fire chief has changed.
A motion was made by Sup. Berscheit to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Sup. Johnson. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned at 7:42 p.m. Next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, December 28 at 7 pm in the Burtrum Community Center.
Shirley Hulinsky, Burnhamville Township Clerk