Burtrum City • April 10, 2023


Present: Jenae Ulbricht, Romie Gessell, Irene Ehlert, Juli Scherping, Chad Landowski and Brooke Thieschafer. Others present: Ronald Strassburg, Debbie Strassburg, Steve Marty, Joe Muellner, Barney Van Havermaet, Walter Hoppe.
Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance: Mayor Ulbricht called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.
Approval of the Minutes: Mayor Ulbricht amended the minutes to reflect that Rahn’s Propane payment was voided and did not come out of the bank account. Motion by Romie Gessell seconded by Irene Ehlert. All in favor, motion carried.
Approval of Agenda City Council: Approve the agenda as posted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law and herein place all agenda items on the table for discussion. Motion by Irene Ehlert seconded by Juli Scherping. All in favor, motion carried.
Approval of Bills City Council: Total bills for the month were $1,707.09. Deposits totaling $80.00. Motion by Irene Ehlert seconded by Romie Gessell. All in favor, motion carried.
Old Business: Handicap Railings at Community Center: Romie Gessell bought back some pricings for a variety of handles from a company in Long Prairie. Prices vary from white and stainless steel. Pricing did not include installation. Going to keep working on pricing with other companies. No action needed at this time.
City Phone Number/Wi-Fi Community Center: We have applied for a COOP purchasing Agreement with the State of MN. Once we get that approved, we will be able to move forward with Verizon.
City locks: Mayor Ulbricht went over quotes received thus far. Most locks will require Wi-Fi. Waiting to hear back from a quote from a company out of Rice, MN. Will report back at the next meeting. No action needed at this time.
City Laptops: Laptop has been purchased.
City Clean Up Bid: City Clean up day is scheduled for May 20th, 2023. Joe Muellner stated we will be using Opatz. Prices will vary by pound per item. Most items will be 15 cents per pound. Tires will be 30 cents per pound. Shirley with the township will send out postcards/flyers with pricing and policies. We will put flyers outside of the community center and post on Facebook. Chad Landowski made a motion to approve Clean Up day. Irene Ehlert supported. All in favor, motion carried.
Name Changes on all Accounts: All accounts should be updated to reflect the correct contact person. Mayor Ulbricht is now in the possession of the safety deposit keys for the City of Burtrum.
Quinlivan & Hughes (city attorney) No Update. City is continuing to gather the information on rates from other attorney offices for the position of city attorney.
City Sign/Logo: Update – Central Lakes College students were given an assignment to create a city logo for us. Mayor Ulbricht will donate a $100 gift card to the winner, no funds will come out of the city. We will look into the city sign once we receive the logo back.
New Business: No new business at this time.
Open Floor: Walter Hoppe, 219 Jane Ave South, asked “How much liability insurance does the city carry?” Mayor Ulbricht will look into this and get back to him.
Steve Marty, 3388 104th Street, asked “Heard charging to use the Community Center for the bean bake?” “4-H was never charged.” Locals voiced the concern of being charged. Mayor Ulbricht stated the charge was voted on by the city council. Still waiting to get non profit paperwork from the Bean Bake. Conversations were had about the benefit the bean bake does for the community. Discussed some dates for holding the community center for the bean bake. Mayor Ulbricht stated an application would need to be filled out to secure those dates. The charge for the bean bake will be discussed at the next meeting.
Discussion had on cleaning out the office. The Mayor and the City Clerk are working on getting retention information and sorting through all the files. Barney VanHavermaet stated he would help with the shelving in the office and assist with cleaning out and organizing. Debbie Strassburg also stated she would help.
Debbie Strassburg mentioned that some people were disappointed in the Easter Egg Hunt being canceled.
Joe Zupan, 119 Washington W, “The alleyway behind the Cabooze, the street that goes straight up needs Class 5 bad.” Mayor Ulbricht stated the grading company will look at it when they come out next. Chad Landowski mentioned checking dust control and getting scheduled right away on their books. Debbie Strassburg mentioned looking into a new grading company.
Announcements: Acknowledge the following people: Bobby Veldkamp for plowing the snow. Irene
Elhert discussed different garbage options and pricing to switch to. If interested, Irene has the number to contact for detailed pricing.
Adjournment: Motion by Chad Landowski, seconded by Romie Gessell to adjourn meeting at 7:44 P.M. Motion carried.
Minutes not approved.
Brooke Thieschafer, City Clerk-Treasurer