Burtrum City • August 9, 2021


The Burtrum City Council meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 9, 2021 by Mayor Ron Strassburg.
In attendance were Ron Strassburg, Kevin Rohde, Sharon Erickson, Sara Macho, Mitchell Bruggenthies and Laura Horvath.
Minutes from the July 6, 2021 meeting were read and approved by a motion made by Sara Macho and seconded by Kevin Rohde, upon vote motion was carried and minutes were accepted.
Next the finance report was read and approved; and the city discussed current bills/invoices and a motion made by Kevin Rohde and seconded by Sara Macho, finance report was accepted, and bills paid.
City discussed old/new business:
New Business:
– Our old contract is up with our Attorney Joe and we have signed a new contract with a rate increase up to $170.00. Motion to accept this made by Sara Macho and seconded by Kevin Rohde.
– If you rent the hall for an event, please do not take chairs out of the building. They are meant to be used inside only.
– Church would like to put up a Mini Library. City will check on options for location. Motion to accept made by Mitchell Bruggenthies and seconded by Kevin Rohde.
– Cabooze bar built a structure behind bar without obtaining a building permit from city. City will charge them a $50.00 per 1984 ordinance. Motion made by Sara Macho, and seconded by Mitch Bruggenthies.
Old Business
– If you are interested in getting Natural Gas connected, please contact them directly. If we can get enough interest maybe they will consider Burtrum as a viable city for receiving it.
– Please be considerate of your neighbors, we do have a noise/pet ordinance. Please keep pets leashed and loud noises to a minimum. Please direct your complaints to the Sheriff’s Office. The City does not have any jurisdiction over these complaints.
– City is checking with the State Hwy dept to look at putting up signs or arrows on the curve.
– We still receive a lot of complaints on the school, City will check with Fire Marshall, in regard to options for keeping people out.
Since no further topics needed to be addressed the meeting was adjourned with a motion made by Sara Macho and seconded by Kevin Rohode, upon vote motion carried and meeting was adjourned.
Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 7, due to Labor Day.
These are unapproved minutes.
Laura Horvath, City Clerk