Burtrum City • February 1, 2021


The meeting of the Burtrum City Council was called to order at 7 pm on Monday, February 1, 2021 by Mayor Ron Strassburg.
In attendance was Ron Strassburg, Kevin Rohde, Sharon Erickson, Sara Macho, Mitchell Bruggenthies and Laura Horvath.
Minutes from the January 4th, 2021 meeting were read and approved, a motion made by Mitchell Bruggenthies and seconded by Sara Macho to approve, upon vote motion was carried and the minutes were accepted.
Next the finance report was read and approved, a motion made by Sharon Erickson and seconded by Kevin Rohde. Finance report was accepted.
Next the city discussed the current bills/invoices and upon a motion made by Kevin Rohde and seconded by Mitchell Bruggenthies bills were paid.
Next the City Council discussed old business and new business –
Old Business – City received an email from Greater Gas company in regard to Natural gas options for the town. They were not able to attend our February meeting but we’re going to make a new assessment for the town once they reviewed mapping, easements and permits. City hopes to have an update in time for our March meeting.
New Business- Council has decided to put on an Easter Egg hunt for the kids in the Lions park on Saturday, April 4th at 10:00 am. City will put up posters for the event and post on Facebook. A motion made by Mitchell Bruggenthies and seconded by Kevin Rohde to approve the Easter Egg hunt, upon vote motion carried.
Since no further topics needed to be discussed the meeting was adjourned by a motion from Sharon Erickson and seconded by Kevin Rohde, upon vote, motion carried and meeting was adjourned.
These are unapproved minutes
Laura Horvath, City Clerk