Burtrum City • March 7, 2023


Present: Jenae Ulbricht, Romie Gessell, Irene Ehlert, Juli Scherping, Chad Landowski and Brooke Thieschafer. Others present: Bobby and Nicole Veldkamp, Sandy, Adam Ulbricht
Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance: Mayor Ulbricht called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM
City Clerk City Council: Chad Landowski made a motion to nominate Brooke Thieschafer as City Clerk-Treasurer, Romie Gessell seconded. All in favor, motion carried.
City Council Swear in new city council, Juli Scherping and City Clerk, Brooke Thieschafer.
Approval of Agenda City Council: Approve the agenda as posted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law and herein place all agenda items on the table for discussion. Motion by Irene Ehlert seconded by Juli Scherping. All in favor, motion carried.
Approval of Bills City Council: City Financials in the amount of $991.82 for Minnesota Power; Todd County Sherriff’s Office $504.00; $15.00 Business Check Monthly Fee; Rahn’s Propane $667.69; Quinlivan $70.00 Totaling: $2,248.51. Deposits totaling: $254.35. Motion by Romie Gessell, seconded by Irene Ehlert. All in favor, motion carried.
Old Business: Handicap Railings at Community Center: Handicap railings need to be purchased and installed in both bathrooms at the city hall. No action has been taken at this time. City will seek bids for purchase of and installation. Romie Gessell will follow-up with another quote and bring it back to the next meeting. No further action is needed at this time.
City Phone Number/Wi-Fi Community Center: No update. The Verizon contact is out for 2-weeks on PTO he will return next week on Monday.
City locks: One quote came in at $752.49. This is to install a wireless lock on the main door and rekey all doors in the community center. Going to reach out to Design Electronics in Little Falls for another quote. No further action is needed at this time.
City Laptops: Update. Discussion of 2 options for City Laptops. Romie Gessell made Motion to move forward with the Acer computer. Seconded by Irene Ehlert. All in favor, motion carried.
City Clean Up Bid: Update: Bids are not opened, yet.
Elected Leader Institute: Foundational Program: Was late to sign up. No expenses incurred for the city.
Office Clean Up: No update. Will schedule once the City Clerk is able to review the retention policy.
Update Name on all Accounts: Name is updated on the accounts. This will be a work in progress going for emails, and other items we may receive. Keys have not been retrieved from the former Mayor. Mayor Ulbricht will work obtaining the keys. Irene Ehlert made a motion to add Brooke Thieschafer to all necessary accounts including the safety deposit box and Magnifi banking. Seconded by Chad Landowski. All in favor, motion carried.
Quinlivan & Hughes (city attorney): No Update. City is continuing to gather the information on rates from other attorney offices for the position of city attorney.
Open Floor: Bobby Veldkamp would like to apply for a building permit. Irene Ehlert made a motion to approve the building permit. Seconded by Juli Scherping. All in favor, motion carried.
Discussion was had on the city plowing and the plow truck and maintenance. Bobby Veldkamp reported there is a small leak on the plow truck. Requesting extra oil to be on hand, if needed. Romie Gessel will get oil and store it for availability. Also discussed were options for plowing for next year.
Discussion on new trash and recycling services for the city. Irene Ehlert will reach out and get pricing and bring numbers back for the next meeting.
New Business: Easter Egg Hunt: A date was set for the Egg Hunt to be April 8th, 2023 at 10 a.m. at the city park. If bad weather, the egg hunt will be moved to the Community Center. Burtrum Cabooze will also help. Looking for donations. All donations are due to Brooke Thieschafer or Mayor Ulbricht by 04/01/2023. Members will be at the community center the week of the egg hunt to help with stuffing eggs and organize prizes.
Community Center Rental: Discussion on the pricing of the Community Center Rental. New pricing for renting the Community Center will be $75 per day. Wedding rentals will be $200 per day with a $100 damage deposit. Tractor Club will continue paying $20. Townships will pay $30 per meeting. The Bean Bake committee will pay $150. Chad Landowski made motion, seconded by Juli Scherping. All in favor, motion carried.
City Sign: Seeking to create a city sign when entering the city limits of Burtrum. Looking for quotes. Opening the design/logo/saying of the sign to the public. Submit any ideas you may have to the City’s Email CityofBurtrum@gmail.com deadline is TBD at this time. Selected winner will receive a prize.
Annual Weed Meeting and Training for Local Weed Inspectors: In Browerville on March 29th, 10:30 am to noon.
Initiative Foundation: They are looking for a donation of $110, we have donated since 2011 to this foundation. Supports Non-profits organization.
Appreciation to the following people: Bobby Veldkamp, Dustin Weichmann, and Carrie Wiechmann for helping within the community from answering questions, and snow plowing. Romie and Erik Gessell for troubleshooting the horn. All your work was much appreciated.
Adjournment: Motion by Landowski, seconded by Scherping to adjourn meeting at 8:37 P.M. Motion carried.
Minutes not approved.
Brooke Thieschafer, City Clerk-Treasurer