Carole Grace Johnson


Carole passed peacefully, as she had wished, in her home surrounded by her family on June 25, 2019.
Preceded in death by her parents, Wadsworth Foster Poole and Janet Bell Hellier, and sisters Alice (Poole) Macintosh, and Mary (Poole) Korbel, her husband, Clarence Allison (Al) Johnson, of Al Johnson Photography, as well as many of her friends and family, including many of her close friends from Grey Eagle. Carole grew up going to her parent’s cabin on the end of Sandy Beach on Big Birch Lake, she later bought the little red cabin next to it, so that her children could enjoy summers at the lake, as she had.
Carole’s parents were one of the first families in Minneapolis to be a two car family, and Carole’s mother drove. Her mother worked during WWI and made sure all her daughter’s had trade skills. During WWII, Carole studied photography, which her husband later took up and made his career. After WWII, Carole and her husband, bought a new home in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, where she raised her family and was an active member of her community. After WWII, both Carole and her husband, Al, got polio, and Carole had to relearn how to walk, something she was always proud of being able to do. Carole served on the PTA, the Gifted & Talented Program, the Republican Party, and at Westwood Lutheran Church. Carole was a mother first and foremost, and she was always home and attentive to her children, taking them regularly to the library, being involved in their schools, and making home cooked meals. Carole was a great seamstress, and was well known for making fashionable clothing, and she made her children’s clothing, something they will remember her well for. They were the first home in the neighborhood to have both a telephone and cable television when it came out. Carole also loved to entertain. Family being so deeply important to Carole, every Monday for as long as her family can remember, Carole and her mother and sister, Mary Korbel, would rotate houses for lunch and to socialize.
Carole is survived by her brother, Foster Poole, and her children, Marcia Buegel, Gail Van Allison, Laura Johnson, Eric Foster-Johnson, and Faith Riverstone, and her grandchildren, Angela Buegel, Amanda (Johnson) Engels, Sophia Johnson, Morgan Ray Johnson, Katherine Riverstone, Katya Foster-Johnson, Nalana Foster-Johnson, and great granddaughter, Gracie Riverstone. She is deeply missed.
Please join us in celebrating her life: July 26th, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. (visitation at 10:00 a.m.) at Westwood Lutheran Church, 9001 Cedar Lake Road, St. Louis Park, MN 55426. Refreshments following service. Memorials to: Westwood Lutheran Church.