Community Builders Annual Meeting February 21, 2012


Present: Diane & Dennis Kramer (Eagles Crossing), Jim Gohman (City of Grey Eagle), Linda Gohman, Mark & Sherry Larson (Grey Eagle / Burtrum Lions Club), Loren Roe, Steve Neville (Plumbing on the Side), Theresa Pansch (Village Café), Jill Kurowski (Style n Go), Shelly Primus (CMCU), Shawn Ehlert (Shipwrex), Andrea Kraska (CMCU), Don Brown (Leisure Resort).

Minutes: were read by Theresa Pansch. Changes made were: Medallion Hunt: March 1st the first clue were made available in the Hometown News, the GE city website and also available at the following business: Style n Go, Village Café, Grey Eagle Library, CMCU, Update Building Supplies, and Burtrum Liquor.

• Empty Stocking was a success and the program was able to assist those participating the Grey Eagle/Burtrum Area.

Recap of events the Community Builders and Lions Club co-sponsored were: Easter Egg Hunt.

• Cabin Packets were put together advertising the local businesses that decided to participate.

• Calendar of Events was put together advertising events in May, June, July, and August.

• Three Concerts in the Park were held with the Grey Eagle Community Choir, Slewfoot Band, and Meire Grove Submarine Band provided entertainment.

• Two City Wide Garage Sales were held. One was in May over Fishing Opener Weekend and the other was held during GEM FEST.

• Kid’s Carnival and Farmers Market were held during GEM FEST

• First National Night Out was held during one of the Concert in the Parks

• Halloween / Trick or Treat to businesses

New Business: Future of Community Builders: It was decided to continue another year with the organization. If anyone in the two communities has any suggestions/comments/concerns, please attend a Community Builder meeting to discuss and implement. Meetings are advertised in the Hometown News under Upcoming Events.

• Dues: Dues will be collected this year to help offset the cost of advertising as well as cost for events. There will be a mailing describing these in further detail.

• Medallion Hunt: First clues will be available March 1st at locations listed above. There will be a new clue each week. Must be found by March 31st. Prize for locating medallion will be $50 in Eagle Dollars. These funds can be spent as cash at Grey Eagle Burtrum businesses.

• 2012 Easter Egg Hunt: This will be held on March 31st. Watch for details in the Hometown News and posters around town.

Next Meeting: June see Hometown News for location and time.