COVID Updates‐ Executive Order 20‐96


Todd County is experiencing a significant increase of COVID‐19 cases, from October 30th through November 12th, 396 cases were reported in Todd County. With this amount of community transmission, residents are more likely to come in contact with a person who is infected with COVID‐19 in settings where they are around other people. There is great concern that without following prevention measures our local hospitals may reach capacity and hospital beds will not be available to those who are seriously ill or injured. It remains critically important, at this point in time, that we all wear masks, social distance by at least 6 feet, wash our hands often, keep social/family gatherings small, and stay home if we’re feeling sick or have been exposed to COVID‐19. The more we work together to practice these measures, the more we will help to slow the spread of COVID‐19.
In response to the statewide rapid increase of COVID‐19 cases, Governor Walz signed Emergency Executive Order 20‐96 on Tuesday, November 10th which restricts social gatherings, celebrations, and the hours and operations of bars, restaurants, and venues to prevent further spread of COVID‐19.
Effective this Friday, November 13th, 2020:
– Total restaurant and bar capacity will be capped at 150 people, including both inside and outside settings, and it may not exceed 50% of the establishment’s total capacity. Table size remains at 10.
– Bar counter service for all establishments will be closed for seating and service.
– If the establishment uses a “counter‐service only” model for ordering food and beverages, it must create a social distance queueing model.
– Patrons must remain seated; no bar games such as darts and pool. If the establishment offers pull tabs, it must be offered in a queue that is marked and socially distanced.
– All bars and restaurants must end on‐site consumption of food and beverages between 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.
– Recreational entertainment venues (like movie theaters, bowling alleys, or similar settings), must cease food and beverage services and must not permit food and beverages to be consumed on site between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.
Additionally, Executive Order 20‐96 tightens restrictions on social gatherings:
– Private parties, private celebrations, and receptions for weddings, funerals, and similar events hosted at venues will also have capacity limits. Effective November 13, these celebrations must end at 10:00 pm and remain closed until 4:00 am, if they serve or permit consumption of food or beverages.
– Celebrations events at venues including receptions for weddings, and funerals, birthday parties, reunions, anniversary celebrations, and private parties will be limited to: ▪
o 50 total participants on November 27; and 25 total on December 11
– There will be no change to wedding, funeral, and religious services—just the related celebrations and receptions.