Expanded Broadband is coming to Morrison, Stearns & Todd County


Upsala Cooperative Telephone Assn. dba Sytek in Upsala, MN has plowed fiber optic cable to the home (FTTH) over the past several years in the communities of Bowlus, Sobieski, Flensburg and Swanville and to most of the areas in between those towns.
In these area’s Sytek is offering 1 Gig of internet service with unlimited data usage, as well as VoIP telephone service. Customers are able to keep their existing telephone number if they want to with free unlimited long distance phone service as well as voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting and many other features too numerous to mention.
Tony Gebhard, CEO/General Manager of Sytek is now excited to announce that Sytek has been awarded over $6.5 million dollars in a Reconnect 3 RUS Grant/Loan from the federal government. This last mile project will allow Sytek to plow approximately 146 miles of FTTH too roughly an additional 717 homes that are adjacent to Sytek’s existing fiber optic plant in the counties of Morrison, Stearns and Todd.
Through a funding partnership with the federal government, Sytek will extend FTTH to some of the most rural parts of Minnesota at service levels up to 1 Gbps download and 1 Gbps upload, exceeding the 2022 and 2026 state speed goals. As a result of this project, families will have the tools they need to earn a living, educate their children and access needed medical care.
Late this fall or early winter, Sytek will be reaching out and mailing information to every address in these areas. If a customer would like service in these new areas, it is imperative that the customer contact Sytek as soon as possible to get in place to receive this new service as early as the fall of 2023.
You can go to our website and click on “Service Availability” to put in your address to see if you will fall into this 2023 FTTH project! If you have questions or would like additional information, please call Sytek at your earliest convenience at 320-573-1390 or go to our website www.sytekcom.com for more info.