Grey Eagle Township • August 7, 2023


Call to Order: Mike Rohe called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was recited.
Members Present: Mary Ann Primus, Mike Rohe, Alan Roering and John Young. Erv Herdering, Mark Erdmann, Dave Peterson and Blaine from Widseth Engineering.
Agenda Approval: A preliminary agenda was presented. Mike asked if there were additions to the agenda. John made the motion to accept the agenda, Alan made the second. All in favor. Motion carried.
Approval of Minutes: John made the motion to accept the July 3, 2023 Township minutes. Alan made the second. All in favor. Motion passed.
Mark Erdmann presented signage for the BBL access and a request that it be closed to motorized boats. The Association is trying to keep the lake clean and free of milfoil and other weeds. John made a motion to put up a sign for this year and discuss the closing at the annual meeting in March, Alan made a second to that motion adding that the board would need to see and approve the signage before it is put up. Motion carried.
Blaine from Widseth Engineers was present to share some cost estimates for the potential problem areas and which should be addressed first. He also stated there may be some grant monies to help with repairs on 295th and a grant for possible tar on Arctic Drive (the portion to the lake access). 295th will be discussed again at the Sept. meeting. Brakken, Ascot, 335th Arden and 122nd will be on the list for crack filling. No discussion on Cozy Cove other than Dave P. saying it is a rustic road and should stay a rustic road.
Town Clerk’s Report: Clerk presented the claims list for July. Claims list included claims 3843-3854 for a total of $13,408.09. John made the motion to pay the claims. Alan made the second. All in favor. Motion carried. Mail included equalization training, District 8 meeting, and advertising. John made a motion to allow the clerk to attend the Dist. 8 meeting. Alan made the second. All in favor, Motion carried.
The financial report was presented, John made the motion to approve, Alan made the second. All in favor, motion carried.
Road and Bridge Report: Harold Schmitt has spoken with board members on his request to widen the driveway and whether he would need to move or replace the culvert. He will need to check with DNR to see whether it would cause any issues. Otherwise, the Board felt it would be fine for him to move the driveway. Brushing around signs needs to be done- John will contact Scherping to see if he has time to do this. John will work on patching on cement culverts. Dock on BBL- DNR has monies to install a fishing pier, just need more discussion on where and who maintains it. It was also mentioned there is money to upgrade the beach area with some playground equipment (swingset). John will share this with BBL at their annual meeting.
Additional agenda item: Discussion on the insurance coverage for the Township building, all Township buildings will now be insured at replacement cost starting next year. The amended culvert resolution was presented and will be discussed at the September meeting. The County has identified all township culverts as far as location, distance from intersection, and right -of-way and condition of the culvert.
Public Comments: None
Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Alan, second by John. All in favor. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:55 p.m.
Minutes not approved.
Mary Ann Primus Clerk/Treasurer