Grey Eagle Township • March 1, 2021


Call to Order: Ron Frericks called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm. The pledge of allegiance was recited.
Members Present: Ron Frericks, Ray Bense, Mary Ann Primus, Mike Rohe and Erv Herdering
Agenda Approval: A preliminary agenda was presented. Ron asked if there were additions to the agenda. Mike made the motion to accept the agenda. Ray made the second. All in favor. Motion carried.
Approval of Minutes: The clerk provided copies of the February 1, 2021 minutes to the board. Ray noted the in the R&B report he was talking about Big Birch Lake not Little Birch as reported in the minutes. Mike made a motion to have the minutes amended to say Big Birch Lake. Ray made the second. All in Favor. Ray then made the motion to approve the minutes as amended. Mike made the second. Motion carried.
Town Clerk’s Report: Clerk presented the claims list for February. Claims list included claims 3546-3553 for a total of $2,837.76. Ray made the motion to approve the claims as presented. Mike made the second. Motion carried. Mail included two donation requests, advertising for brushing and mowing, and a pamphlet from Minnesota Township Association on legislative policies.
Road and Bridge Report: Ray received a call back from the DNR office in Little Falls about the access on Big Birch Lake, he stated the Township could cut down the dirt pile and that no permits would be needed to use the access. He is working with Parks and Trails on dust control for the Arctic Drive access as well. He is also planning on meeting with the crack filling company about 335th and Ascot Road. Discussion was had about the pros and cons of doing more dust control and how to handle costs.
Additional agenda item: The clerk presented the audit report from Dennis Bacon and it was reviewed by the board and will be presented at the annual meeting.
Short Courses for this year will be online, presented by the Township Association.
Ron asked about the frozen sewer, he will contact the city.
Public Comment:
Adjournment: Motion by Ray to adjourn the meeting. Mike made the second. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.
Submitted by Mary Ann Primus, Clerk/Treasurer
Minutes not approved.