Grey Eagle Township • May 1, 2023


Call to Order: Mike Rohe called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm. The pledge of allegiance was recited.
Members Present: Mary Ann Primus, Mike Rohe, Alan Roering and John Young. Erv Herdering and Tara Prout were also present.
Agenda Approval: A preliminary agenda was presented. Mike asked if there were additions to the agenda. Tara Prout was added to the agenda. John made the motion to accept the agenda as amended, Alan made the second. All in favor. Motion carried.
Approval of Minutes: John made the motion to accept the April 3, 2023 Township minutes. Alan made the second. All in favor. Motion passed.
Tara Prout spoke to the Township Board about concerns of the road conditions on Cottontail Drive. She explained that the garbage service provider is refusing to pick up along their road. They would like to see the holes fixed, trees trimmed and gravel on the road before coming in. Most residents on this part of the road are seasonal. She felt it is a health and safety issue as no emergency vehicles would be able to access the road. After some discussion on how improvements could be made, as it is not a Township Road, John stated he will research some options, however, the Township cannot put monies into the roadway until it is improved and taken over as a Township Road.
Town Clerk’s Report: Clerk presented the claims list for April. Claims list included claims 3814-3824 for a total of $7,494.66. Alan made the motion to pay the claims. Mike made the second. John needed to abstain from Hometown News claim. All in favor. Motion carried. Mail included a letter from P&Z, and a letter from Arvig regarding the fiber installation. John made a motion to go ahead with the upgrade as long as it was within 10% of the present cost. Alan made the second, Motion carried.
The financial report was presented, Alan made the motion to approve, John made the second. All in favor, motion carried. CD renewal- Motion by Alan and second by John to go with the best rate the Credit Union has to offer. All in favor. Motion carried.
Road and Bridge Report: Discussion on the road check that was done, located most of the culverts, Obtained permission from land owner to clear trees on west side of 311th.
Some others of concern for brushing were along Chipmunk Rd, south end of 321st, 150th had a couple spots and across 28 near Reimers. John will get quotes for the work that needs to be done. John will also contact a crack filling company to get on a list for this year. Discussion on possible road work on the west end on 130th – digging out the frost boils and using the road saver/dust control to improve the roadway. John will check with Todd County if there are any cost sharing programs to help with replacement of the two cement culverts in the future.
Hinman Lawn Service sent a bid for the beach and dock work at $50 per hour plus $250 for dock install and removal. John made a motion to accept that bid, Alan made the second. All in favor, Motion carried. Lee Buchholz sent a bid for $105.00 per hour for ditch mowing. John made a motion to accept the bid. Alan made the second. All in favor, Motion carried. Dust control will get started once Erv has had a chance to prepare the roads.
Additional agenda item: Agenda items for next month will include the insurance review, after the valuation has been done. Putting posts up for culvert locating, and Mark Erdmann from BBL.
Public Comments: None
Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Alan, second by John. All in favor Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.
Minutes not approved.
Mary Ann Primus, Clerk/Treasurer