Grey Eagle Township November 5, 2018


Call to Order: Ron Frericks called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was recited.
Members Present: Ron Frericks, Ray Bense, Mary Ann Primus & Mike Rohe.
Agenda Approval: A preliminary agenda was presented. Ron asked if there were additions to the agenda. Ray made the motion to accept the agenda. Mike made the second. All in favor. Motion carried.
The clerk provided copies of the October 1, 2018 minutes to the board. Ray made the motion to accept the minutes. Mike made the second. Minutes approved.
Town Clerk’s Report: Clerk presented the claims list for October. Claims list included claims 3249-3258 for a total of $26,894.85. This included claims to prepare Arden Drive for the 2019 tar project. Mike made the motion to approve the claims; Ray made the second, Motion carried. Mail included advertising, Big Birch Lake newsletter and the county’s feedlot list.
Road and Bridge Report: Ray asked which of the culverts needed to be marked before winter. It was decided two on 321st, one on 337th and one on 335th. The culvert on 321st and 130th west corner is under water, Ray suggested finding out who the property owner is and getting permission to remove the beaver dam. Mike made a motion to have Ray take care of the beaver issue. Second by Ron. Motion carried, Ray reported he had given permission for an approach to the field near John Young’s property.
Weight limit signs for 335th would need to be ordered and cost approx. $100.00 a piece. Considered putting up the same ones the County uses.
Ray suggested the Board approve having Herdering taper back the Big Birch access near Kutters so the slope is not as steep. Board members agreed. Ray had contacted the DNR about the tar project to include Arctic Drive. No plan yet as there will need to be some research first.
Chickadee Drive where the road was rutted up, has been repaired as of this meeting.
Ron reported that Tri-City is still planning on doing repairs to 335th yet this fall.
Arden Drive- prep work is complete and the sloping of the road has created somewhat of a ditch for run-off. Todd County Commissioners have signed the agreement.
Boxelder Drive – no action taken for now.
Asphalt patching product advertising that was received included a free trial, Ray felt it was a good product and the Board should give it a try.
Additional agenda item: Ron made a motion to reconfirm the pay rate for election judges at $15 and the head judge at $20. Ray made the second. Motion carried.
Ray made a motion to reconfirm the following judges, Jonelle K., Marilyn B., Debbie B., Margery A., and Chrtina F.. Ron made the second. Motion carried
The City of Grey Eagle’s Wellhead Protection Plan was discussed and the clerk will check if we need to send someone to the hearing.
Motion by Mike to have clerk attend training in January for Clerk’s held in St. Michael. Ron made the second. Motion carried.
Mike was given the information for the fireboard meeting to be held on November 20.
Adjournment: Motion by Ray to adjourn the meeting. Mike made the second. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.
Submitted by Mary Ann Primus, Clerk/Treas.
Minutes not approved.