Minnesota Face Covering Requirement


As of July 25, 2020, per the Governor’s Executive Order 20‐81, people in Minnesota are required to wear a face covering in all indoor businesses and public indoor spaces, unless you are alone. Additionally, workers are required to wear a face covering when working outdoors in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained. Research has shown that use of face coverings can greatly reduce the risk of infection when combined with other prevention efforts such as social distancing and hand hygiene.
Types of face coverings:
– Types of face coverings can include a paper or disposable mask, a cloth mask, a neck gaiter, a scarf, a bandanna, or a religious face covering.
– A face covering must cover the nose and mouth completely. The covering should not be overly tight or restrictive and should feel comfortable to wear.
People exempted from the face covering requirement:
– Children under age 2 years should not wear face coverings.
– Children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old are not required to wear face coverings, but are
encouraged to wear a face covering when in public if they can do so reliably.
– People who have medical or other health conditions, disabilities or mental health, developmental, or
behavioral needs that make it difficult to tolerate wearing a face covering.
Where can I get a face covering?
Masks or cloth coverings can be purchased or handmade.
– If making a mask, there are many resources available. This CDC page includes sew and no sew written
instructions, as well as a video guide: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019‐ncov/prevent‐gettingsick/
Todd County has provided masks to the following locations. If you need a mask please visit or contact:
– Long Prairie City Hall‐ 8am‐4:30pm Monday‐Friday, (320) 732‐2167
– Browerville City Hall‐ 8am‐4pm Monday‐Friday, (320) 594‐2201
– Clarissa City Hall‐ 8am‐4:30pm Monday‐Friday, (218) 756‐2125
– Eagle Bend City Hall‐ 9am‐4pm Monday‐Friday, (218) 738‐5982
– Bertha City Hall‐ 6:30am‐2pm Monday‐Friday, (218) 924‐4454
– Hewitt City Hall‐ Tues‐ 9am‐5pm, Wed & Thur‐ 8am‐4pm, Fri‐ 8am‐12pm, (218) 924‐4343
– Staples City Hall‐ 8am‐4:30pm Monday‐Friday, (218) 894‐2550
– Grey Eagle City Hall‐ Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri‐ 8am‐2pm, Wed‐ 11:30am‐5:30pm, (320) 285‐2464