Morrison County Sheriff’s Office News


Morrison County Sheriff Shawn Larsen announced that his office, in cooperation with all local police departments in the county, have recently completed the annual Predatory Offender Registration (POR) verifications for Morrison County. Each year the sheriff’s office organizes a verification check for all predatory offenders who are on the registry and residing within the county. It is important to note that Minnesota only began registering predatory offenders in 1991 and did not assign risk level until 1997. Only those offenders who have been sentenced to prison and who were released after January 1, 1997 have been assigned a risk level. Offenders sentenced to probation or juvenile offenders are not assigned a risk level. Level 1 offenders are those deemed by Department of Corrections officials as those least likely to re-offend while Level 3 offenders are considered most likely to re-offend.
During the most recent round of checks, multiple predatory offenders were checked in Morrison County. 59 predatory offenders were checked by the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office, Pierz Police Department, Motley Police Department and Royalton Police Department. Of that number; 24 were Level 1 offenders, 6 were Level 2, 4 were Level 3 and 25 offenders were not assigned a risk level. 41 predatory offenders were checked by the Little Falls Police Department, which are not part of the breakdown.
All but four individuals were found to be compliant with conditions imposed upon them. 46-year-old James Michael Juetten, 40-year-old Dustin Gene Ayres, 54-year-old Wesley David Pagel, and 39-year-old Christopher James Collins have been charged for failing to register their current addresses, which is a felony.
According to Sheriff Larsen it is important for us to keep tabs on the predatory offender registry. “I feel it is extremely important that these people remain aware that we know who they are, and our office will continue to hold them accountable.”