Stearns County Sheriff’s News – New Munich


New Munich: On Friday night, October 12th, Deputy Chris Hagstrom took a report of an attempted dog theft. The attempted theft occurred in the 400 block of Main Street in New Munich. The caller reported the attempted dog-napper was an older white male, in his 50s wearing a black jacket and a hat. This attempted pooch pilfering happened shortly before 9:00 p.m. The dog, actually puppy, is a 10-week-old black German Shepherd. The owner reported the dog was on a zip cord in their yard. The dog-napper grabbed the dog and tried to run with it. The young pup used it’s only defense mechanism and promptly bit the dog-napper on the hand. The caller reported the dog-napper had to shake the dog off. The caller was unable to see the face of the culprit. Deputy Hagstrom was not able to locate any physical evidence to identify the dog-napper either.
As part of our responsibility as the animal control authority, we will obtain vet and shot records for the young German Shepherd. For his own peace of mind, we would certainly encourage the attempted dog-napper to contact us at the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office to consult with us on the status of any rabies vaccine or other potential medical issues. He should contact us at 320-251-4240 and ask for an Investigator. If anyone in New Munich noticed someone with a fresh dog bite on their hand, we would encourage you to call us as well.