Swanville City Public Hearing February 4, 2020


Mayor Lange called the Public Hearing to order at 6:45 pm. Council members present: Mayor Lange, Deb Wood, Norm Carlson, Jim Molitor and Tony Maciej. Also present: Sharon Blumke, Clif Allen, Gavin and Liza Hasse and reporter Sheila McCoy.
The purpose of the hearing is hear public input on rezoning parcel lot A, to the west of Sharon Blumke’s lot on North Berkey Avenue, from Industrial to Residential. No one present had any complaints or comments.
Mayor Lange then closed that public hearing and opened the seconded Public Hearing. The purpose of this hearing is to hear public input on vacating drainage and utility easements on the North Berkey Seconded Addition area. There were no complaints or comments from anyone present on this hearing.
Tony Maciej made a motion to close the Public Hearings. Norm Carlson seconded the motion. All members voted in favor, motion carried