Upsala City April 2, 2018


These are Unofficial Minutes.
Call to Order/Attendance
The City Council meeting was called to order at Upsala City Hall by Mayor Rollie Johnson at 7:00 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was said. On roll call members present were: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Brian Lange, Lana Bartells, and Dennis Westrich. Absent, Joan Olson. People present: Community Economic Development Associates Representative Reva Mische, City Engineer Scott Hedlund, MC Record reporter Sheila McCoy, First Response Vice President Garrett Doucette, Public Works Frank Koopmeiners, and City Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Stevens.
Minutes: Lange moved to approve minutes from March 12, 2018 City Council, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Added agenda items: Lange moved to approve the agenda, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Presentation, Citizen Appeals: Reva Mische shared the opportunities her non-profit company can provide a small community such as Upsala; she also presented a First Impression Report on Upsala.
Department Reports:
Maintenance Report: Koopmeiners reported on water and sewer levels.
Reported that 2nd Street by the trailer court is in need of repair.
Fire Department Report: The Fire Department presented their February minutes.
Grain bin extrication equipment donated by CentraSota Coop.
The new-hires have started their training.
First Responders: The new-hires are attending calls to observe as part of their training.
City Office Report: Stevens reviewed the April Calendar.
Stevens explained that her last year of MMCI (Minnesota Municipal Clerks Institute) hosted by St. Cloud State University will take place in St. Cloud from April 30 – May 4.
Stevens suggested trying a paperless meeting for May; the council agreed to try it.
Planning Commission: Lange reported that the Commissioners approved a building permit for Steven and Amanda Roerick for an addition onto their house; the permit also allows for a shed in the back yard.
UCDC: The minutes from the March meeting was presented. Bartells shared the progress of Heritage Days which is set for August 10-12.
Recreation Board: No meeting held.
Safety Committee: No meeting held.
Unfinished Business:
Maintenance Building: Westrich gave an update on the progress of the Maintenance Building; everything is done except of filling in the seams in the concrete floor and the water connection.
Speed Signs: Stevens shared what she had found for Electronic Speed signs. Johnson shared his research as well. Lange moved to approve to purchase 2 TrafficLogix Speed Signs using NJPA grant funding, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Open House for new facilities: The date for an open house for the new City Hall location and the new Maintenance Building is tabled until the May 7 Council Meeting.
Sign for New Public Works Building: Lettering for the Maintenance Building was discussed. Johnson is waiting for a quote form Everything Signs.
Library Book Drop: The book drop at the Library is in disrepair and no longer safe to use. Johnson explained that he contacted Mark Kuepers with Two Rivers Enterprises to custom build a book drop for the Library.
New Business:
Gambling Permit: Lange moved to approved the Gambling Permit for UBA to hold a raffle on July 7, 2018 with no waiting period, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Out-of-State Policy: Lange moved to approve Elected Officials Out-of-State Policy as presented, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Animals at Large: There have been several issues brought forth by community members concerning barking dogs, dogs and cats at large, as well as dog and horses owners not cleaning up their animals’ poop. The discussion on dog and cat licensing came up; this would mean to regulate having only 1 or 2 dogs or cats per household. The cost for licensing pets is expensive as well; the cost incurred would be attached to the licensing fees. The Council does not want to move towards licensing, however if there are no changes, the Council will revisit the issue.
Added agenda Items: No items were added.
Thank you and Acknowledgements: Thank you to CentraSota for working with Monsanto in donating grain bin extrication equipment to the Fire Department.
Financials: Lange moved to approve the bills as presented, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Adjourn: Bartells moved to adjourn at 8:10 p.m., 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Michelle Stevens, Clerk/Treasurer