Upsala City • August 1, 2022


Call to Order/Attendance: The City Council meeting was called to order at Upsala City Hall by Mayor Rollie Johnson at 7:00 P.M. The pledge of allegiance was said.
On roll call members present: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Council Members Lana Bartells, Crystal Benson, Mitch Lange, and Wendy Rene. Staff present: Public Works Director Mike Tschida, and City Clerk-Treasurer Jane Popp.
Minutes: Lange moved to approve the regular city council meeting minutes from July 5, 2022, 2nd by Rene. Motion carried unanimously.
Added agenda items: Benson moved to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of the EMS Gun Raffle, 2nd by Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Department Reports: Fire Department Report: Chief Nick Johnson updated the council on the Fire Department’s activities including monthly trainings after each meeting and reported on the hail damage truck repair. September 10 they will have a hog roast with free will donations along with a raffle at the Watering Hole in Elmdale. The fire department is looking at hiring three people with the intention of one additional person that would be training in and could fill a position when it becomes available.
Bartells moved to approve the truck repair for the hail damage as submitted by Nick Johnson, 2nd by Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
First Response Team: First Response Team Vice President Danielle Haus reported two calls for July and that the mental health training went well. The First Response will have a milk booth for Heritage Days.
Rene moved to approve the EMS Gun Raffle set for Sunday, October 9, 2022, 2nd by Benson. Motion carried unanimously.
Council Meeting Scheduled with First Response Team Officials: Renee moved to schedule the Council meeting with the First Response Team Officials for September 6, 2022 at 6:00 pm, 2nd by Benson. Motion carried unanimously.
Maintenance Report: Tschida reported on water and sewer levels as well as the various tasks done throughout the City. Tschida received a quote on the fire hall repair. Tschida discussed the portable generator that he hooked up to test out from St. Cloud and checking on a 6.9 Kilowatt Generator that they would sell for an additional $450.00.
6.9 Kilowatt Generator: Bartells moved to approve the 6.9 kilowatt generator for the cost of $450.00 if that size would fit for the City of Upsala, 2nd by Rene. Motion carried unanimously.
City Office Report: Popp reviewed the August Calendar and reported that she attended the Election Judge Training for the Primary Elections that are on August 9, 2022 at City Hall from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm.
Planning Commission: No report submitted.
Unfinished Business:
New Well Location: Johnson reported that he contacted Jim Kuebelbeck and set up the week of August 22-25, 2022 to help locate underground water for the new well location.
Park Bathrooms – Don’t need a motion: Tschida gave an update that the walls are going up on the park bathrooms. He also stated Freeport Electric will set up everything as far as electricity goes and MN Power will come to hook up the power to the main pole.
Assisted Living Update: Johnson stated that the assisted living is planning to open August 15.
New Business: September City Council Meeting: Rene moved to hold the September City Council Meeting on Tuesday, September 6 since September 5 is a Federal Holiday, 2nd by Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Public Hearing to update the Ordinance Number 60: The Planning and Zoning updated ordinance number 60 concerning the first response team. This has been sent out to the First Response President for review. The Planning and Zoning will bring a finalized proposed copy to the September 6, 2022 Council meeting.
Update Website: Johnson discussed updating the website and having Andy Poster to do photography and videos. Tina Gunderson could do the design of the website.
Rene moved to approve the redesign of the website with Andy Poster doing the photography and videos at a cost of $1,736.00 and Tina Gunderson doing the design, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Exit Door for the City Council: Johnson discussed adding an exit door for the City Council for safety. The staff will get a quote for the cost.
Scheduled Budget Meeting: Lange moved to schedule the first budget meeting for August 24 at 6:00 pm, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Financials: Benson moved to approve the bills as presented, 2nd by Renee. Motion carried unanimously.
Adjourn: Bartells moved to adjourn at 8:23 pm, 2nd by Benson. Motion carried unanimously.
Jane Popp, Clerk/Treasurer