Upsala City December 3, 2018


The City Council meeting was called to order at Upsala City Hall by Mayor Rollie Johnson at 7:00 P.M. The pledge of allegiance was said. On roll call members present were: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Brian Lange, Dennis Westrich, Joan Olson, and Lana Bartells.
People present: Morrison County Record reporter Sheila McCoy, Councilmember elect Crystal Benson, Shelly Schumer, Wendy Rene, Fire Chief Jay Baggenstoss, First Responder Seth Strassberg, Fire Captain Bill Koopmeineres, First Responder Vice President Garrett Doucette, Public Works Director Frank Koopmeiners, and City clerk/Treasurer Michelle Stevens.
Minutes: Lange moved to approve minutes from November 5, 2018 Regular City Council Meeting, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Lange moved to approve minutes from November 8, 2018 Meeting certifying the election, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Added agenda items: Westrich moved to approve the agenda, 2nd by Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Presentation, Citizen Appeals:
Snow Removal on Main Street: Wendy Rene questioned the procedure on clearing the snow on Main Street and expressed her concern about the safety. She also questioned whose responsibility it is to shovel the sidewalks.
Westrich explained how the Main Street gets cleared after the sidewalks are shoveled, the MNDOT plows are through, and the street is cleared of vehicles – usually in the evening after the snow is done falling.
Economic Development: Economic Development Specialist Reva Mische could not attend tonight’s meeting.
Maintenance Report: Koopmeiners reported on water and sewer levels.
He discussed the quote for an impeller for the lift station. He recommends to replace the impeller when the lift stations are serviced in the fall.
He discharged the sewer ponds only once this year and presented the lab results.
Koopmeiners also stated the water tower is due for cleaning and painting.
Fire Department Report: The Minutes of the Fire Department were presented.
Lange reported they held their meeting last week; the Fire Department recommends Jay Baggenstoss as Chief for 2019.
Olson moved to appoint Jay Baggenstoss as Fire Chief for 2019, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Fire Chief Baggenstoss reported to the Council the following to be leadership in the Fire Department.
Assistant Chief: Mike Kremers
Captain: Nick Johnson
Captain: Brian Lange
Captain: Bill Koopmeiners
Captain: Steve Heesen
Training Officer: Joe Trettel
Safety Officer: Steve Hansen
Secretary: Brian Lange
He thanked Frank Koopmeiners for his many years as Assistant Chief and has been a tremendous help to the department.
Baggenstoss also explained that the department needs to replace their outdated air rescue bags; he will bring quotes to the council at the January meeting.
First Response: The First Response Team recommends the following for officers on the First Response Team:
President: Steve Hansen
Vice President: Seth Strassberg
Secretary: Garrett Doucette
Treasurer: Amber Koopmeiners
Safety Officer: Kyle Breth
Training Officer: James Warga
Bartells moved to approve the officers for First Response as presented, 2nd by Olson. Motion carried unanimously.
The First Response By-laws Committee will be meeting; they would like to know policies concerning board membership.
Council directed Stevens to create a proposed board membership policy for the January meeting.
The First Response Team will be hosting a meet raffle for Morrison County Food Shelf at Bullfrogs Dec. 7 at 7:00 p.m. Appreciation to Paul and Kathy’s Grocery, and Cindy Phillips for helping make this happen.
City Office Report: Stevens reviewed the December Calendar.
Planning Commission: The commission approved a building permit for Hagstrom’s 32’ x 32’ shed located at 217 Hickory Avenue.
UCDC: The Upsala Community Development Committee is working on a theme for this year – they have fun plans lined up for Friday evening of Heritage Days.
Bartells reminded the Council of the annual Holiday Lights Contest will be held December 13 with the judges being last year’s winners: Mark Gilles, Larry Bartells and Jen Servatius. The winners of the contest will receive $100, $75 & $50 in Upsala bucks respectively.
There will be a new contest this year with the businesses. The same judges will judge the store fronts on their holiday decorations on the same evening. With the winners receiving $100, $75 & $50 in Upsala bucks respectively as well.
Safety Committee: Safety Committee presented their report.
7:47 Public Hearing – Consider Proposed Ordinance # 28 Fire Dept.
Mayor Johnson recessed the regular City Council Meeting at 7:47 p.m.
Johnson opened the public hearing to hear comments or concerns about the proposed ordinance #38 – an ordinance relating to fire prevention and control, establishing a Fire Department, proving penalties for violations.
Comments from the Public: Shelly Schumer shared that the Hillcrest apartments do not have an address number on their building.
Lange moved to close the Public Hearing, 2nd by Olson. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Johnson called the regular City Council Meeting back to order at 7:51.
Lange moved to approve the amendments made to Ordinance #38, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
New Business: Newly Elected Officials Training: Bartells and newly elected Councilmember Crystal Benson are registered for the League of MN Cities’ Newly Elected Officials Training in Brainerd.
Dogs Running at Large: Mayor Johnson shared concerns from the various neighbors about dogs running at large in the city.
Johnson explained the contract with the Morrison County Humane Society is expensive; and is hoping that the residents will take responsibility for their dogs so the City does not need to contract with the Humane Society.
Board of Appeals and Equalization Training: Johnson explained that everyone needs to go online before Feb 1, 2019 and become certified to be on the Board of Appeals and Equalization.
Inflow & Infiltration Ordinance: There are several homes that have sump pumps that pump their basement water into the sewer system. The City would need to have an Inflow and Infiltration ordinance in place before it chooses to check individual homes.
The council directed the Planning and Zoning commissioners to work on the Inflow & Infiltration ordinance.
Gambling Permit – St. Mary’s Bingo: Bartells moved to approve the gambling permit for St. Mary’s Church quilt raffle on February 17, 2019 with no waiting period, 2nd by Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Designate 2019 Polling Place: Lange moved to pass Resolution 12-3-18-1; a resolution pursuant to Minnesota Statute 204B.16, designating Upsala City Hall located at 105 South Main Street Suite 2 as the polling place for 2019, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Acknowledgements: To Joan Olson for your dedication and service as a council member for the last several years! Thank you also for staying on various committees in our community; your talent is treasured!
Financials: Lange moved to approve the bills as presented, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Adjourn: Lange moved to adjourn at 8:12 pm, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Michelle Stevens, Clerk/Treasurer
Unofficial Minutes