Upsala City February 3, 2020


Call to Order/Attendance: The City Council meeting was called to order at Upsala City Hall by Mayor Rollie Johnson at 7:00 P.M. The pledge of allegiance was said.
On roll call members present were: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Council Members Dennis Westrich, Lana Bartells, and Brian Lange. Absent: Crystal Benson
People present: First Response Vice President Garrett Doucette, Darlene Maciej, MC Record reporter Sheila McCoy, Public Works Director Mike Tschida and Part-time Public Works Frank Koopmeiners, and City Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Stevens.
Minutes: Lange moved to approve minutes from January 6, 2020 City Council Meeting, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Added agenda items: Lange moved to approve the agenda as presented, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Presentation, Citizen Appeals: None
Department Reports:
Economic Development: Robert Harris with CEDA submitted a report. Lange moved to purchase 500 pens to give away at the Central MN Builders Home and Garden Show and to put in our welcome bags, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
The Council directed Stevens to create a banner for the Home Show as well.
Fire Department Report: Lange stated that the majority of the work is done to prepare for the washer install at the Fire Hall. It should be up and running by next month. The Upsala Fire Relief Association donated money and labor to build a dryer.
The Department cleaned out around the fire hydrants in town.
Rescue Squad: Doucette stated there were only two calls since the last council meeting. He also shared four members will be attending EMS Conference Training Saturday, February 8.
Maintenance Report: Tschida reported on water and sewer levels.
The City got quotes for a new panel view at the water plant; it has not been functioning correctly. Westrich moved to approve the purchase of a new panel view for the water plant at the best price available, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Johnson stated that he and Koopmeiners went to John Deere dealers in Little Falls and St. Cloud, however the mower that they were looking at does not have a thatcher attachment. The council recommended to shop around with other brand dealers.
City Office Report: Stevens reviewed the February Calendar.
Bartells moved to approve Stevens to hire interns for the City Office when needed with the reimbursement and agreement via Sourcewell, 2nd by Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Planning Commission: The commissioners discussed property tax comparison. They also talked about rezoning for the assisted living location.
UCDC: No meeting was held.
Recreation Board: Report was submitted.
Unfinished Business:
Bartells offered to help with the recognition mugs.
Pam Whitmore with the League of MN Cities will be attending the March 2 Council Meeting.
New Business:
LMC Safety & Loss Control Workshop: Lange moved to approve up to two people to attend the Safety & Loss Control Workshop in St. Cloud April 14, 2nd by Westrich. Motion carried unanimously.
Accept Donation from Lions For Legion Memorial – Resolution 2-3-2020-1: Lange moved to approve Resolution 2-3-2020-1 accepting a donation of $5000.00 from the Upsala Lions to be given to the Upsala Legion Memorial, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Public Transportation: Johnson discussed public transportation for our community. Amy Christiansen with the Tri-County Action Program would help work on transportation in the Upsala and surrounding area. The Council directed Johnson to work with Christiansen on moving forward with public transportation.
Acknowledgements: Huge appreciation goes to the Upsala Fire Department for cleaning snow from the fire hydrants in town this last Saturday.
Financials: Lange moved to approve the bills as presented, 2nd by bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Updates/FYI: Next Regular City Council Meeting will be March 2 at 7:00 pm.
Adjourn: Lange moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Michelle Stevens, Clerk/Treasurer