Upsala City • May 3, 2021


Call to Order/Attendance: The City Council meeting was called to order at Upsala City Hall by Mayor Rollie Johnson at 7:00 P.M. The pledge of allegiance was said.
On roll call members present were: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Lana Bartells, Crystal Benson, Brian Lange, and Mitch Lange. Staff present: First Response Vice President Andrea Douvier, Planning & Zoning Chair Don Marty, Public Works Director Mike Tschida, and City Clerk-Treasurer Michelle Stevens.
Minutes: Brian Lange moved to approve minutes from April 5, 2021 City Council Meeting, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Added agenda items: Bartells moved to approve the agenda as presented, 2nd by Benson. Motion carried unanimously.
Department Reports: Fire Department Report: Brian Lange informed the Council the Upsala Fire Department will be in charge of traffic duty, Kids Water Fights, Pedal Pull, and Fireworks duty for Heritage Days.
First Response Team: Douvier updated the Council on the First Response Team activities. They are nearly completed with the refresher trainings. They are also planning on having a luncheon for the Memorial Day Service at the Upsala Rec Building.
Maintenance Report: Tschida reported on water and sewer levels as well as the various tasks done throughout the City. He also updated the council on his monthly activities.
One discharge from the ponds has been started for this spring.
City Office Report: Stevens reviewed the office work done in last month. The garage sale forms are starting to come in. The listing and map will be published in the May newsletter.
She also reminded the council of the school referendum that will be held at City Hall on Tuesday, May 11 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Planning Commission: Don Marty reported on the Planning Commission’s meeting. They are working on updating the zoning ordinance. They also updated the Building Permit Application.
Marty also reviewed what a Conditional Use Permit is used for.
Recreation Board: No meeting was held.
Public Hearing: Mayor Johnson recessed the regular Council meeting and opened the public hearing at 7:30 pm; a hearing on the City adopting Ordinance #63 – an ordinance regulating lot splits.
Don Marty walked through the ordinance with examples. No comments were heard from the community.
Benson moved to close the public hearing, 2nd by Mitch Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Johnson called the regular City Council meeting back to order at 7:34 p.m.
Brian Lange moved to adopt Resolution 5-3-21-1 a resolution incorporating Ordinance #63 – regulating lot splits in the City Limits, 2nd by Bartells. Motion carried unanimously.
Unfinished Business: Heritage Days Meeting: Bartells reviewed the Heritage Days meeting that was held April 20 and reminded everyone of the meeting set for May 18.
Brian Lange moved to give the budgeted amount of $4,000 to Heritage Days for this year’s events, 2nd by Mitch Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Upsala Senior Living: Mayor Rollie Johnson will be meeting with Tim Matros on the current stage of the Upsala Senior Living facility.
New Business: Relief Association Pension Raise: The Upsala Firemen’s Relief Association is requesting a raise for their retirement fund to go from $600.00 per year of service to $900.00 per year of service. This would require the city to give the Firemen’s Relief Association an annual payment of $3,530.00 to cover the cost of the increase.
Mayor Rollie Johnson requested that the this be tabled until the June Council meeting; in the mean time he will call a Fireboard meeting for May 17 at 7:30 pm to discuss the issue with the other entities responsible for the cost sharing.
Utility Billing Software: Stevens explained what the utility billing software UBMax can offer to the City; noting that online payments and looking at bill history are just a few of the perks beside the annual cost is less expensive than our current billing software. Bartells moved to purchase UBMax software, 2nd by Benson. Motion carried unanimously.
Thank You Note: The council received a thank you note from Joyce and Frank Koopmeiners for a plant given to them for the funeral of Joyce’s mother.
Sandbox Fill: The Upsala Lions will be filling kid’s sandboxes this year. Please call Rollie 320-267-0804 or Ken 573-2934 to get put on the list to get your sandbox filled the first week of June.
City Attorney: The City’s attorney firm Brown, Krueger & Vancura, PA has merged with Quinlivan & Hughes PA based out of St. Cloud.
Update the Personnel Policy: Benson moved to update page 47 of the Drug Free Workplace portion of the personnel policy – adding ‘and alcohol’ to the paragraphs discussing drugs, 2nd by Mitch Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Acknowledgements: Happy Veterans Day to our soldiers, both past and present. We owe you our thanks, but more than that, we owe you our freedom.
Financials: Mitch Lange moved to approve the bills as presented, 2nd by Benson. Motion carried unanimously.
Updates/FYI: June 5: The next Regular City Council Meeting will be at 7:00 pm. May 11: School Referendum. May 10: Special Meeting. May 17: Joint Fireboard Meeting. May 31: Memorial Day.
Adjourn: Bartells moved to adjourn at 8:15 pm, 2nd by Mitch Lange. Motion carried unanimously.
Michelle Stevens, Clerk/Treasurer